We (Larry and Carol) launched 'A Heavenly Carriage' on a wing and a prayer. Larry worked for a large Limo company in ATL when he saw the HEAVENLY SERIES of a limousine manufacturer. He came home and said, "Honey, I saw a car. We could start our own business and have more family time, and we could do a better job serving our clients." Thus A HEAVENLY CARRIAGE WAS BORN.

As native Georgians we wanted our company to reflect our southern heritage without being cliche. The fact we knew it would be GOD to direct our path and it was the HEAVENLY SERIES we knew A HEAVENLY CARRIAGE was a perfect name. So, we started our business literally with a stretch limousine and ONE client. Larry had a four inch stack of contacts from the other company, but we knew that stealing clients was not ethical nor who we are. WE BURNED EVERY SHEET.

We have weathered some storms, 9-11 and the Recession to name two. We have enjoyed surprising Grandmas, soon-to-be-brides, brides/grooms, birthday guests on their special day made a little more special by our long shiny black stretch pulling up to the driveway. We have kept high school students safe on their prom nights - thus allowing parents to breath a sigh of relief knowing their children are in good hands and NEVER left wondering if the driver would come back. Sharing these many events with our clients - we continue to treat EVERY client as if they were our ONLY client.

We feel our mission field is the bereaved, as we have both lost important people in our lives at an early age and understand the importance of family support. It has been our honor to serve grieving families by providing transportation to the burial of their loved ones.
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A Heavenly Carriage
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